TV Ads & Short TV Productions

Youth activists and volunteers with Y4T have produced TV ads and short documentaries to help raise awareness against violence and blind allegiance and also to promote unity and tolerance.
Have you seen them on TV? If not, check them out below. Contact us with comments.

If you have a related idea for a TV ad or short production that you would like to see produced and aired, we would like to hear from you as well.


Student Swap:

Watch this series here.

About the Student Swap documentary:
This project aimed at bringing together students from schools of different religious backgrounds. The purpose was to make it as natural as possible. There was minimal preparation and no staging in the creation of this documentary. The reactions and interactions of the youth are very inspiring.


Citizenship Parts 1-4:

Watch this series of ads: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

About the Citizenship ad series:
This series of 30 second ads was created to promote the concept of "the whole is the sum of the parts". Every citizen's role may be small individually but it can add up to a constructive or destructive outcome.



Watch this ad here.

About the Retaliation ad:
This TV ad addresses the concept of retaliation and vengeance that characterizes Lebanese politics in general and the rhetoric in particular. It uses humor to address the issue.


Goldfish Ad

Watch this ad here.

About the Goldfish Ad:
This ad is inspired from the seemingly endless cycles of internal wars and violence that our society tends to get into and out of without proper closure or genuine attempts of reconciliation. True reconciliation is based on forgiveness, not on forgetfulness.
We are not doomed to repeating the past though. Let us say no to speeches of hatred, let us reject policies of dominance and discard beliefs of superiority of one group over another.


Rainbow Ad

Watch this ad here.

About the Rainbow Ad:
This ad is inspired from the radical and one-sided views that some of the Lebanese have adopted lately. A lot of the political rhetoric and heated debates in TV talk shows are aimed at "convincing" and "converting" the other.We believe that there's nothing wrong with having a political affiliation but expecting everyone to have the same opinion is as un-natural as expecting one colored raibows!


Poker Game Ad

Watch this ad here.

About the Poker Game Ad:
This ad addresses the problem of blind allegiance to politicians and parties. Such blind allegiance turns followers into mere negotiation "cards" that are traded and swapped in the power game. While political affiliation is not a bad thing in itself, the absence of critical thinking and lack of accountability definitely are.