Moderator and students during a school-workshop

Our Projects

Tolerance is a skill that can be learned by everyone. By teaching the youth about awareness of differences, dialogue, negotiation and conflict resolution, we give them what they need to navigate the sometimes difficult aspects of a religiously and socially diverse society.

Our projects focus on two main aspects:

Training Youth: Through a series of workshops we teach youth about types of conflicts, conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation, and dialogue and tolerance. These modules mostly target 16-22 year old students in an interactive way, including role-play and activities that bring out hidden assumptions. Through these workshops, we provide the youth with education and training on skills that they can use in their everyday interactions. Ultimately, we aim to get tolerance education as a permanent aspect of the curricula in schools and universities.

Promoting Youth Interaction: Y4T also carries out projects that bring youth from different social and religious backgrounds together (student exchanges, summer camps...). This approach is more about creating a common experience as a starting point for tolerance rather than have the participants discuss their similarities and differences of religion, politics or social issues.