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 We are always looking for a "few good men and women"! Volunteering and internship opportunities are available. We promise you a rewarding experience if you're interested in any of the following roles:

Position: C3 Creative Content Creator
Role: Modify and create content for classroom presentations, youth projects, web applications and creative awareness campaigns for social change.
Major: This is a multi-functional position, qualified candidates in the following majors will be considered: Graphic design, Computer Graphics or Animation, Multimedia, Computer Science, Media or Journalism.

Position: TV Ads and Short TV Productions, Project Manager
Role: Coordinate and manage the creation of short TV productions for social awareness.
Major: Audiovisual, Media studies, Animation.

Position: Moderator
Role: Moderate and deliver sessions on conflict resolution and tolerance in schools and universities.
Major: Political Science, Business, Journalism, Law.

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